Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovely Day

O.k. maybe this "L" word is a little lame, but I had a Lovely day today with my kids.  They were feeling really lousy... too sick for school.  So we had a quiet day hanging out together.  While I made fresh ginger tea to soothe their sore throats, they huddled on the couch like a group of penguins, (my son suggested this simile, penguins are his favorite). They read and napped and read again.  Jessica and I worked on her writing.  Ryan helped me edit the story I'm working on.  He's only 6 but he loves to help me edit.  In fact he's helping me type this post, which is maybe why it is taking a little longer. Then Ryan and I went outside for a while to inspect our garden.  He was happy to see 10 little pea shoots poking out of the ground.
When we came back in, the kitchen had been cleaned.  Despite having a nasty headache, Alyssa wanted to surprise me with spotless counters!  Wow.  What a lovely day, but I do hope they feel better tomorrow.




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