Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Road Trips

What's the most dramatic road trip you've ever been on? That's today's YA Highway, Road Trip Wednesday question to celebrate the release of Kristin Halbrook's book Nobody Like Us.

I've been on lots of memorable road trips.

Once I drove with my husband and two friends straight through from Michigan to Las Vegas.  On my turn driving in the middle of the night, we got a flat tire, but I didn't know what was going on so I kept driving until my husband woke up and told me to pull over.

Another time, I was stuffed in a van with ten people driving from Philadelphia to Miami in one day.

Two years ago, we packed up the whole family into the minivan and moved out to Seattle.  We drove over 3,000 miles across the country and explored Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone and Devil's Tower. After about three weeks in Seattle, we realized it wasn't working so we packed up again and drove 3000 miles back East.  That was crazy but sooo much fun!

But there is another road trip that I took when I was about 12.  We moved my grandma and grandpa from New York to Wyoming.  My Dad drove the U-haul with all their stuff and I rode with him for most of the journey while my mom followed with the rest of the family in our van.

It was mid-summer and the air was humid and sticky like syrup.  Of course the U-haul didn't have any air conditioning.  By the time we got to the golden Nebraska corn fields, my dad and I thought our brains were melting.  We had a thermos filled with cold water.  We looked at each other and both had the same idea.  We just started dumping the water all over ourselves, a cup at a time.  It was so refreshing and memorable!
Also on this trip our hotel rooms were infested with crickets and the U-haul broke down and we had to wait an extra day or two for parts.  I'll never forget it.


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What memorable road trips have you taken?  Are you ready for the A-Z?

Hope you're having a great week!

Kathy :)


  1. You moved all the way across country and back in one month? Now that is wild.

  2. Alex- yeah it was crazy but it was also one of the most fun family "trips" we've ever taken.

  3. That does sound like a memorable trip - I love the part about the water. I could see doing that. My most memorable road trip was driving down to Oregon with my dad the first year after I got my driver's license. It was a regular trip for us to his Dad's (my Grandpa's) farm, but being able to drive and just hang out with my dad was fun!

  4. I don't know about driving cross country twice within three weeks, but I like the idea of a cross-country road trip. Perhaps over six months. :)

    I can't imagine how people survived summers in the US (and here in the South) without air conditioning in their cars.

  5. Having driven from NC to Miami in a day last December, I *really* admire you for doing it from Philadelphia in a day!

  6. Sticky like syrup. I know that feeling.

    I've moved across country several times, but the most memorable was when my best friend flew out to Arkansas and we drove towing a U-Haul back to Oregon. To amuse ourselves, we counted dead and flattened animals on the road. Shortly after arriving in Oregon, my friend found a book called Peterson's Guide to Flattened Fauna. We about died with laughter.

  7. The wildest trip took me off the road. A hand shaped tree kept us from ending at the bottom of the crevasse. I don't think I have gone any wilder than this. :)

  8. I love road trips! Especially unplanned ones.

  9. Not had any experiences like that! The only thing I can think of now is driving from Scotland to Devon. The roads down there had a gradient of about 80%. It was like being on a rollercoaster and quite hair-raising!

  10. I enjoyed a cold trip my husband and I took to visit my parents in the middle of the winter. The roads were closed because of an accident so we got our baseball gloves out of the trunk and passed ball for over an hour on the snowcovered interstate to pass time until traffic could move again.

  11. What an adventure! I hope to do this myself one day.

  12. A-Z is great for connecting, I'll be giving it a miss this year (too much writing and editing scheduled), but I'll pop about and visit other blogs as much as I can.