Monday, January 28, 2013

My Guitar Boys, Re-Introductions and Lunar Lovin' Blog Hops

My son wanted to start taking guitar lessons and my husband decided that it would be fun if they both started learning it together. It's so much easier to practice with a buddy. So we found a teacher who would take them at the same time, they bought beginner guitars and they are having a blast.  They only know a few chords right now but when they sit down and play together it is the sweetest music I've ever heard.  Here they are showing off their new skills.


Re-Introduce Myself Blog Hop

Lots of new bloggers have joined the ranks this year, so Mark Koopmans, Stephen Tremp, Elise Fallson, and C.M. Brown are hosting a today's blog hop to re-introduce ourselves.  So in approximately 100 words, this is me:

Mother of three awesome kids (16,14, and 8) that are homeschooled
Married to my wonderful husband for 18 years
Figure skating coach
Directionaly challenged (I got really lost this weekend on my way to a competition)
Author- finished my first novel, now working on editing
Reader of history, and anything YA or chic lit
Blogger for 2 years

I love to travel with my family.  I've moved 15 times, lived in 8 different states, which has been great because I have met so many wonderful people.  Meeting fabulous people is part of why I love blogging so much.  I've been amazed at all the great new blogger buddies I've met.

My blog is rather random, basically I write about whatever craziness enters my mind that day.

My wish is to be a supportive and positive influence on as many people as possible and that is me in a nutshell.


This blog hop, hosted by, Mina Lobo,  is to celebrate the beauty of the full moon which is supposed to be at its best in January.  We were supposed to go outside and take a photograph of the moon in all its glory.
Unfortunately, here in Ohio the moon was nowhere to be seen last night.  Instead we had a wonderful mix of freezing rain and snow.  So here are the pictures I took.

This is looking straight up where the moon should be.

have a great week!
Kathy :)


  1. I'm sure that kind of music is the sweetest. It's quite cool if they're learning it together! I got one with the aim of learning, but it's just sitting there. And it's been three years :| This just reminded me!

    It was nice to read about you, specially the part about moving so much! Whoa! Must have been great! :)

  2. It must have been cold outside. That's a wonderful pic of your son. I love guitar, too bad I never learned to play. Nice to meet you!

  3. That is awesome your husband and son are learning guitar!! Rock on.
    I don't think we moved as often, but I've lived in about that many states.

  4. Ashna- I started learning cello a while ago, but I haven't played in a while. Hope you get a chance to start playing.

    Al- I've never played guitar either but I do love its sound. Thanks for stopping by.

    Alex- It's so fun to watch them.

  5. How fun to introduce ourselves to someone new! Check us out at

  6. Music to your ears? I remember my youngest son when he first started learning guitar. Without fail everytime I heard him I wanted to clap my hands..... over my ears!

  7. Juliet- It's great to get to know everyone a little better.

    jp- awwwh, well the notes aren't always melodious but for some reason it doesn't bother me. I'm just glad he's playing.

  8. That guitar picture is so cute!

    Great to meet you. I have always wanted to figure skate but I don't have the balance for skating (among other things, hehe).


  9. This post actually made me laugh. I had managed to successfully avoid the row coming from my son's room. Three months later he walked into the front room one day and announced.
    "I just want to strum a little tune for you"

    I was expecting Nights in White Satin, Smoke on the Water, or some other popular song. What did he play? Jimmy Cracked Corn!

    The heartless swine I am didn't stop laughing for a week.

  10. Love the pic of your husband and son playing guitar together, that is so sweet! And when I was 12 I took figure skating lessons and I remember being in a competition where I skated to The Bangles, Walk Like An Egyptian. I was terrible. Came in 4th place out of 5, LOL! Thus, ended my skating career. (: Great to meet you!

  11. Hi Kathy, Nice to meet you. Moved 15 times. Sounds normal to me. But, I suspect its not common. I love to have been able travel and lived in all the places I have.

  12. Nice to meet you.

    Hmmm, I've only lived in three states, thought I've visited most of them.

  13. It's great to get to know you more. Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. Kathy, lovely to learn a little more about you. I love that your husband and son are learning guitar together. So cute. I hope they have lots of fun.
    It takes a while to find your place in blogging--you're doing fine.

  15. Last night was a bad weather night for lots of people. My husband is directionally challenged to even with the navigator on.

  16. I've moved more than that but in only half the states.

  17. I moved around alot as a kid (military family), but only twice since I graduated from college. I didn't take to it as you did.

    SO nice to re-meet you again! :)

  18. Those are lovely snow pics! I should've had the hop last for the whole week - I'll get it right next time! Thanks for hoppin' with me! :-)

  19. We are considering home schooling. Just not sure we can make that leap of faith. But we may still do it.

  20. A father-son hobby; how awesome. Let me know when they learn Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Gordon Lightfoot is my fav string guitarist, and worthy of any beginner to emmulate.


  21. Nice to re-meet you again. I love to watch figure skating on television- it's such a graceful sport...and that's a lovely picture of your husband and your son.

  22. Wow that's some serious moving around. But I agree with loving it. I'm such a travel junkie too. It's super addicting.
    I"m like you and blog whenever I feel the urge. :)

  23. The guitar collaboration also provides an extra opportunity for a father-son bonding session...
    Figure skating looks so graceful.... yet so technical and precise. I cannot skate or ride a bike, does that mean there's something wrong with my balance...?
    Great to meet you Kathy!

  24. I started playing the guitar about 12 years ago, Kathy, and it is one of the best things I ever did. Really cool to see your hubs and son learning together. Should be a fantastic experience for them both!