Monday, February 4, 2013

Overcoming Adversity Bloghop

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today, I'm participating in the "Overcoming Adversity" Bloghop hosted by Nick Wilford.  This one is for a good cause.  It's to help send his stepson, Andrew, who has cerebral palsy, to a college in England that can help him pursue a course in film editing.  The school in Scotland that he was told he must attend is a glorified daycare that will not challenge Andrew.

Nick will be collecting all the entries to make an anthology that will be available on Amazon, the proceeds will go to Andrew's college fund.

Here are the rules:

Write something about overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity to do what you know is right.  It can be either flash fiction or a piece from your life.  

The Rules:

* Sign up on the linky list below

* Please keep your entry to 500 words

* Please post on either Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th February

* I'd better say, keep it family-friendly! I'm sure it will be anyway.

Err... that's it! Once it's all over, I'll compile all the entries into the anthology which will be released as soon as possible, with all proceeds going towards Andrew's fund. I really hope you'll be able to join me, and please spread the word by whatever means you choose. The more the merrier! I'd also really appreciate it if you could display the blogfest button somewhere on your page. The ant is Andrew's mascot and will also feature on the book's cover. 

Here's mine at 488 words:

The tavern was packed with people and Julianna pulled her cloak down to cover her face.  Dex had told her to come today, he said there was a plot against the Queen, but Julianna hadn’t believed him.  She had to hear it for herself.

She searched the shadows and spied two men standing by the bar.  Their faces were hidden but somehow she knew these were the men she was looking for.  

She slinked up behind one of them and pretended to order a drink.  She leaned closer to the scruffy man behind her and listened carefully.    

“Take this,” the man whispered, handing the other a bundle of papers.  “It’s all you’ll need.  It’s perfect, the Queen won’t deny it in order to protect her brother and the Council will be forced to take action against her.”

“This changes everything, ready yourself.  The Toryck family will finally control the throne.”
Icy tendrils spread through Julianna as she listened to the other man speak.  It was her father, Aryn Toryck.   He was jealous of the Queen’s influence and popularity.  Aryn thought his old friend, the King, should have married his sister, Rosa.  It would have brought him wealth and power, now he was going to destroy her.  

Julianna pulled at the sides of her dark cloak, wishing she could disappear.  Would he notice her?  She waited until they left then made her way to the back door of the tavern.    

She staggered into the frigid night.  She felt sick and reached out for the nearest tree to steady herself.  A wave of helplessness washed over her.  She couldn’t let her father bring down this good woman.  The Council would force the Queen to abdicate and send her to the Citadel to languish until her death.  
But what could Julianna do?   No one would listen to her.  

If she stayed quiet, her father would become the King’s favored adviser.  She couldn’t go against her him, could she?  He was already a powerful man.        

Then she remembered the night the aging Duke of Bishare had come to see Aryn.  They had argued.  Soon afterward,  the man had died mysteriously.  Her father must have been responsible.    
She took a deep breath,  knowing what she had to do.  She had to find the Duke’s son.  He could get her access to the Queen’s men.  But they would have to act quickly, before her father met with the Council.  Maybe they could intercept him and destroy the documents.

It crossed her mind that the Queen might not believe her.  Then she would look like a fool.   

If she failed, the Queen would come to ruin, her father would learn of her betrayal, and disown her or worse.  

If she succeeded... her father would be locked in the Citadel and the Toryck name shamed.  

Julianna knew she could lose everything but it was what she had to do.

It was her duty to the kingdom.     


Kathy :)


  1. Great stuff, Kathy! A real sense of intrigue and a powerful dilemma created in a short space. And a glimpse into what sounds like an interesting world too. Enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for taking part!

  2. I bet she ends up doing what is right regardless of the consequences.

  3. I really like this one! What a great world you've created here. Thanks for entering.

  4. Ah, the mighty power struggle meets the moral compass, causing turmoil and decisions to be made between rocks and hard places. Intensity at its best...

  5. Nick- Thanks, it was fun especially knowing it's all for a good cause.

    Alex- I think she will.

    L. Diane- Hopefully it will go well for her.

    Kelley- Thanks.

    M.J. -I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. It is difficult enough to overcome adversity, but especially when it's your father! But she's going to follow her conscience, isn't she?

  7. Oh the poor girl having to make such a decision, loyalty to her father or loyalty to her country. Mind you, her father sounds a nasty piece of work.

  8. She is a brave daughter indeed! She's going to suffer to a degree whatever she does but she still does what's right. That's admirable!

  9. Dropping by from the bloghop :)

    It looks like there's a bit of skulduggery afoot. Great stuff!

  10. Wonderful entry. Speaks right to my fantasy heart. Important lesson to be learned, too. :)

  11. Very intriguing story Kathy. The tension is great and you set up a really strong dilemma.

  12. Love the political intrigue mixed with familial ties that aristocracy stories can play with! I agree with the others: tons of decisions to be made here, and there may not be a right one.

  13. Wow, definitely between a rock and a hard place. Doing the right thing often is. Great story. Loved the twist of the villain being her father.