Wednesday, August 15, 2012

KoMF #6-Trapped

Monday's prompt for the Knights of MicroFiction was:

Your character is trapped in a space (of your choice).  All they have with them is a broken coffee mug, an unlit candle and a cell phone with a dead battery.  What happens?

Your entry cannot be longer than 400 words.  We're still taking entries until 11:59 tonight EST.  So join in on the fun. 

Here's mine at 400 words, entitled:


“What is this place, Hem?” Cora asked keeping a close eye on the thick spider webs crisscrossing the ancient stone walls.  

“This tunnel is supposed to lead to the Temple.”

“It’s creepy.  Do you think we’ll find anything?”  

Hem ran his hand through his thick dark hair.  “I don’t know Cor, but we’re running out of options.  We have to find the ancient texts.”

“I know, but I have a bad feeling about this.”  Her stomach tumbled about like a washing machine.  

“Hey, what can go wrong, I’m here?”  Hem flashed his cocky smile that infuriated her and melted her simultaneously.  God, he was frustrating.  If only he weren’t right all the time.

A sparkle caught her eye.  “Hey look at this.”

“Don’t touch that!” Hem yelled, but it was too late.   A rumble thundered through the tunnel.  Hem grabbed her and started running.   She struggled to keep up with him.   “It’s a trap!”

The tunnel was crumbling.  “Why are we going in deeper?” Her voice rose in panic.

He didn’t answer.  They just kept running to a large chamber with a heavy wooden door. Everything collapsed behind them.

“You had to go pulling on that!”

“I didn’t know!  You should have told me it was booby trapped!  I knew we shouldn’t have come!”  She choked on sobs.  “We’re going to die!”

“We’re not going to die, look...” he searched the dust filled chamber and bent down, “some broken glass and a candle.”  He held it up in triumph.

“Great, how is that going to help us?”

“I don’t know.”  He slumped down and dropped his head to his hands.  

Cora felt bad for being so harsh on him.  She looked around.  
“Isn’t this a cellnet the ancients used?” She held up a small object.

“Cell phone, but it won't help, the battery must be dead.”

“Trust me.”  She dug a hole under the door with a glass shard, broke the candle in two and pulled out the wick.  She rewired the phone, secured one wire to the wick and placed it in the hole.  She closed her eyes, focused  her energy, and blew on the wick.  A small spark escaped her lips, the wick ignited sending flames and sparks to the wires.  

The cell phone exploded under the door and knocked it loose.  They were free.
“Whoa, how’d you do that?”  Hem asked as they stepped into the light.  


Well there you have it. It was really hard to fit it all into 400 words!

Hope you're having a great week

Kathy :)


  1. Woman to the rescue - great story.

  2. I looove this! And nice to see the damsel not in distress at all :)


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