Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding Treasure

Something sparkled on the sidewalk.  The last rays of the evening sun flashed on the coppery surface.  Ryan saw it instantly.  He ran over to pick it up and could hardly believe his luck.  In that one instant the day's trials and tribulations vanished.  He had found a new treasure.  He held it up as if it was a bar of gold.  "It's only a penny," his sister said bored by his excitement.

"Yeah, but it's my penny."  His little hand pushed the warm copper coin into the depths of his pocket and he skipped along the sidewalk.

Kathy :)  



  1. What a nice thing to happen at the end of the day. What would Ryan have done if he had found a note on the pavement? Would he have kept it as he did the penny or tried to return it to its owner? 'Finders Keepers' perhaps.

    1. If there was an owner he could find he would have returned it. But finding something unexpected seems to be treasure enough for him. So even if it had been something else I think he would have liked it.

  2. My brother (I was the older sister, too) used to find all the money. I guess I had my head in the clouds, while he was grounded, in a way.

    Your little boy knows - there still are lucky pennies, regardless of their monetary worth.

  3. Heads side up - can't ever pass up that!

  4. Nice write up. Jesse may tell you a story that when he was a kid, he and Jason found a $20 bill. Unlike his story about only getting sticks to play with, that one is true. Whenever we were at restaurants or similar places they would quickly do an area sweep, including coin return slots, and usually found enough to encourage them to keep looking. We usually pretended not to know who they were. I'm not sure where they learned that, maybe it was a survival instinct.

  5. The cutest, shortest story ever!!

  6. Aw, what a lovely vignette, Kathy. I love the excitement of discovering something!

  7. There's something really inspirational about this post (: Even the smallest things can perk you up!

  8. Hello.
    You never know...that just penny might be worth something! LOL
    Nice photo. I like the colors of the flowers too. Thanks for sharing.

    If you have time, come join this month's Lovers' Cove Challenge currently ongoing over at my blog.

  9. Hah, I love that, "Yeah, but it's my penny." Perfect.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos! They are lovely!

    And yes, of course, "They are my penny." does say a lot, doesn't it?