Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

First of all I hope all my East coast buddies are safe from Sandy's wrath.

On a happier note....I passed my skating test!!!  I was exhausted after my third element but somehow I was able to pull off the last 3!  Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go for it (especially my wonderful kids and husband!)  I have just one more to go now.  :)


Now on to the Scare Fest, hosted by Budd at Sci-Fi Media.  I saw this last minute over at Ninja Captain Alex's blog and thought I would join in on the spooky fun.  The object is to talk about a scary book, scary movie, scary story or make up your own scary story in honor of Halloween.

Watching a scary movie is never my desire, I've only watched them because someone else really wanted me to see them.  The images they create stick with me and creep me out for weeks!  That being said I have seen  a number of spooky films.  I think the one that stuck with me the longest was The Shining.  Creepy images continued to flash before my closed eyes for a long time after seeing that one!

In books Edgar Allan Poe stories always creeped me out.  I still remember one where a guy had put someone in a brick wall.

In real life, one night my mom and I were driving back home really late from a skating practice.  A fog blanketed the road.  All of a sudden a patch of the fog swirled up and took on the form of a person.  It seemed to pass our car and look at us.  It was there only for a second, but my mom and I both looked at each other, like "did you see that?"  I think she sped home the rest of the way.          

Yikes now that I've thoroughly freaked myself out in my dark house by thinking of all this Halloween spookiness I better stop and turn on some happy show tunes or something!

Have a Happy Halloween!

I also wanted to congratulate the lovely Talli Roland who was interviewed on British TV Tuesday.  Yay Talli!  Hope it airs soon.  Stop by her blog and give her some love.

Kathy :)


  1. I'm the same, I don't enjoy horror stories. That fog sounds a bit creepy. I don't even like Dr. Who!!

  2. I love Poe! He is so awesome at being creepy. :)

  3. You can't go wrong w/ Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite is the 'Tell-Tale Heart.'

  4. Edgar Allan Poe was awesomely creepy!

  5. Congratulations on passing the test!
    That fog-person would've creeped me out.

  6. msmariah- yes I remember the Tell Tale Heart. That was a creepy one too.

    Alex- thanks! Yeah I was scared to drive down that road for a while!

  7. I creepy how the fog can trick you into seeing things... if it's a trick at all ;)

  8. Yes, Poe and the Tell Tale Heart!

    Hate anytime the sound of a heart beating comes up in a movie!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Oh, I'm a Shining and Poe fan! The brick wall...was that Cask of Amontillado? It's obviously been far too long since I read Poe, though I've been meaning to read a collection I got. Freaky about the fog!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  10. I was sure I posted a comment on this yesterday, but here it goes again.

    YIKES! That is the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. Thanks for joining in.

  11. Aw, thanks so much! Thankfully it all went okay and should be aired the first or second week of December.

    Congrats on passing your test!

  12. That sounds like a seriously creepy experience!! SO weird.

    I had a super strange experience with my kids in the car. I was driving down the road, heading north. There was no way to turn around without doing a U-Turn. I did NOT at any point do a U-turn. But, then, suddenly--I was heading South--back near where we'd started out. Me and the kids all just looked at each other like, "What????" None of us had any idea what happened, but it was super-weird. I later found out a few other people have had that experience on the same road. It's like there's some kind of warp-zone there or something, and if you hit it at the right time, boom--you get turned around. SO weird!!

    Anyway, I'm a new follower--found you through the bloghop. It's nice to meet you!!

  13. The Tell-Tale Heart. Yeah, that was a spooky story. Your story is spooky as well. *shivers*

    Congrats on passing your skating test!

  14. Talli- I hope you can post a link to it when it airs.

    Tamara- That's a creepy street!

    Thanks everybody for all the great comments.

  15. Hi Kathy. I love Poe. Great share for Halloween. :D