Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knights of MicroFiction #8-Goddess of Thunder

The prompt was:  in 300 words or less create a superhero-like character and tell us how he/she uses his powers for good.

Ok I'm a little late in posting this, but here it is (it is 300 words exactly):

Goddess of Thunder

I sat with my cup.  Inhaling the earthiness of the roasted rice green tea.  Swirls of steam caressed my face and I looked down over the expanse of blue before me.  I wondered what was on the schedule today.  
“Hey Kami,” Asako said walking over with her silver touchscreen.  Her white robes flowed about her, but there was something different today.  She seemed hesitant.  
I looked up. “Good morning.”
She gazed down at her screen and slid her finger across the tablet.
“What is it?” I asked, impatience creeping into my voice.   
“I’m sorry.”  She faked a smile. “But the people of Earth are not behaving themselves.  You’re going to have a busy day.”
“Do they ever?” I sighed.
“This time is different,” she pressed her touchscreen again, accessing more detailed information.  She turned the screen to me.  
It was a file on Erlich Zane, the crazy physicist trying to create a weapon of mass destruction using dark matter.  He had stumbled upon some new data; now he had a missile and was forming an army.  
My job, of course, would be to stop him.  I wasn’t happy the Earth was in trouble again, but maybe this was my chance to prove that I, Kaminari Arashina, Goddess of Thunder and protector of Earth was more powerful than that other god of thunder.      
I jumped up, thanked Asako for the news and suited up. I strapped on my tight black armor and  black hood.  I grabbed a few shurikens and tied my sword belt around my waist.  I would rely on my speed and stealth to win this war.    
I raised my arms to the heavens, mumbled an ancient Shinto prayer, and summoned a bolt of lightning to transport me to Zane’s high-tech lab in Mumbai.  This would be my day.  

Hope you enjoyed it!
Kathy :)


  1. She sounds like she's going to kick some butt!

  2. 'The people of earth are not behaving themselves' brilliant line, she has to save us from ourselves. Loved it.

  3. Oooo... sounds like some awesome world-building here! I enjoyed this :)

  4. Great take on the prompt and very smooth writing! However, I wanted to read on and see the showdown - don't leave us hanging ;)