Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group

It's the first Wednesday of the month so that means it's time for the Insecure Writers Support Group, started by Alex J. Cavanaugh.  It's a place where we can share our fears and successes and help encourage one another on this wonderful journey of writing.  Click here to join or read all the other great posts.

Today I have a success!

This morning I hit the magical number of 50,000 words written in my YA fantasy (50081 to be exact)!  I'm over half done!  I can't believe it.

When Jess encouraged me to start this project, I wasn't sure I would make it this far.  I don't get a lot of uninterrupted writing time, but somehow I managed to carve out a little bit each day.  Some days the words poured out of me, other days they had to be extracted from me like pulling wisdom teeth.

Those difficult days made me wonder whether or not to keep going.  But I did and now I'm determined to finish.  I just hope I don't have 50,000 words of garbage! (ok that's my insecurity coming in!)

What recent successes have you had? How do you manage your time to get your writing in? Do you ever fear you have a lot of words, but not much substance?

Kathy :)  


  1. COngrats on hitting your goal! I hit just over 40,000 yesterday and was happy and depressed at the same time... not enough time in the spring to focus on everything!

  2. Congrats on hitting your goal. I'm 16000 into my new project that I was starting to wonder if it would ever get off the ground (it has).

  3. 50,000 words is awesome! Congratulations! I'm hovering near the 25,000 word mark with my WIP (again, since I went and rewrote the first 14 chapters).

  4. i guess it is okay to comment even though i am not a part of the group--haha just thought about that--as i have already been commenting on these posts---congrats to you--and i don't think i use too many words--as a matter of fact, one of my flaws, is i rush through a story, anxious to tell it!

  5. Yay! Congrats on hitting that 50k mark!

    I'm excited to have finished writing a short story on Monday. True, it's not that many words, but it's still nice to have a story completed. :)

  6. Congratulations on hitting the halfway point! It seems overwhelming but a little bit every day gets it done.

  7. Congrats - 50k is a huge milestone, as is halfway!

  8. Congrats on the goal!!!

    My milestones this week were to finish the first round of revisions on one WIP and finish a collaboration for another WIP. felt to good to accomplish those!!

  9. Congrats on the words! It's always nice to hit a landmark/goal.