Monday, March 26, 2012

Knights of MicroFiction!

It's the last Monday of the month so it's time again for the Knights of MicroFiction!  Here is today's challenge:

Use at least one of the following adjectives: delicate, repulsive, hostile, 
and at least two of the following nouns:  New York City, my 16th birthday, and kilts 
Write a MicroFiction/flash fiction piece of 250 words or less.  

Post your entry before Tuesday night.  Leave a comment here so we know you've posted.  Wednesday, Jess and I will choose two winners to be featured on our blogs.  Good luck and have fun! :)  

Here's mine:

"I can't believe I'm stuck here with you!" Sarah said crouching behind a dumpster.  The repulsive stench of rotten meat wafted through the air.  I almost hurled.

"Yeah, well you're no picnic but that's not our biggest problem right now." I said.  "We have to get out of here!" I couldn't believe I was on the run in New York City, with her of all people.       

"Why are they chasing you?" She asked.  Her delicate brown curls caressed her shoulder. 

Why did she have to be so annoying? "I don't know, but it has something to do with this."  I pulled the little black box out of my backpack. 

"What's inside it?" 

"I haven't opened it yet."  That sounded so stupid!  I don't know why I hadn't.  Except I was told not to.   I wished she would stop pestering me but her dark brown eyes stared into mine.  She did deserve an explanation. Her life was in danger too.  "When I found it, an old man told me it had unbelievable power.  I was not to open it until the right time." 

"How do you know when that is?" She rolled her eyes. 

I thought of my 16th birthday, when grandpa told me his gift would change me forever.  He bought me a kilt!  Maybe I just wanted to believe this little box was special, that I was special.  But those men felt it was important enough to kill me, I had to know why.  Carefully, I lifted the lid.


Thanks for reading it!

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Kathy :)


  1. Good character development for a small piece, and nice ending. I want to find out what's in that box.

    1. Thanks. As this is a new piece for me I don't even know what is in the box yet! lol!

  2. I'm with Stephanie on wanting to know what the box's content might be.
    Just posted mine (had to wait so it wouldn't clash with the "Picture Paints 1000 Words blogfest")

    1. Thanks! I'm heading over to check yours out!

  3. :) I just posted mine. Thanks for hosting!