Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Special Day

My son cried the night before his 5th birthday.  He didn't want to leave 4 behind.  He thought being 4 was so much fun. Last night he again had trouble falling asleep but this time there were no tears, only sounds of excitement.  He couldn't wait to be 7.  I think he now sees his birthday as a magical day where all sorts of new and exciting things will happen. After all birthdays are how you become an adult, right?  Birthdays represent his future plans and dreams.
He asked me if you grow on your birthday. I said "no".

For his birthday party he decided to put "No presents please" on his invitations because he realized it was more important to have lots of friends come than get a few extra presents.

Maybe I was wrong about growing.  He didn't wake up today 2 feet taller, but his outlook on life seems more grown up today than it was yesterday.  Maybe because he sees himself as that "grown up" 7 year old.

Happy Birthday Ryan!!


Thanks  Tara Tyler for my award!  You're awesome.  Tomorrow's post will be my seven random facts. 


  1. Wow! He sounds like an amazing little guy. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

  2. You are a really great parent and it shows in the wisdom your son displays. Well done, Geoff.

  3. @ Pk- Thanks I'm a little biased but I think he's adorable!

    @ Geoff- Thanks, I'm lucky to have such great kids, they make my job much easier.