Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad News/Good News

Bad News:  our water heater broke down yesterday and started leaking onto our basement floor

Good News: We weren't still in Chicago.  I was at home and heard this awful alarm blaring to tell me something was wrong with it.  Luckily hardly any water had seeped out.

Bad News:  My husband and I are clueless about home maintenance especially in the plumbing department.  For all I knew it was leaking gas as well.... I wondered if the kids and I should leave the house or open the windows... or maybe I was way overreacting.

Good News:  I called the plumber. The alarm was a cool little moisture sensor to warn of leakage and I was able to turn it off.  He reassured me that we were perfectly safe.  He would come after 5:00 to check it out.

Bad News:  Unfixable.  Need new one,  expensive.  In an attempt to move something out of his way I smacked the back of my head on a low cabinet.  Felt very stupid!

Good News:  He was able to put in a new one.

Bad News:  He had to turn off the water while I was making dinner.

Good News:  I didn't really need water for what I was cooking, but I kept going to turn on the faucet for little things, like rinsing a food or my hands.  I thought of how lucky I am to have water on demand whenever I want it.

More Good News:  It was all done and we would have hot water again in the morning...and the big burly plumber thought I was tough for not cursing when I so elegantly put my head into the cabinet.

All in all it was a good day.


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  1. sounds like us last week, but i raise you an a/c unit!