Monday, June 6, 2011

School is Almost Out!!

 Only 2 more days of school!  I think I'm as excited as the kids.  But when my elderly neighbor asked me what I would do with the kids once summer starts, I wondered if maybe I'm a little odd.  It never occurred to me to ponder "What am I going to do with these children of mine for 3 months?"  Do others worry about this?  I'm happy picturing all the lazy June mornings, taking the kids on walks and bike rides and hanging out together.  I've been looking forward to summer vacation since September.   Maybe more of my time will be occupied and I won't get to writing or blogging as much, but I only have 4 more summers before my oldest daughter goes off to college. 4 more summers to leave her with a lasting memory of what our family is all about.  The other two won't be far behind.  Then my house will be painfully quiet.  So for now I want to fill June, July and August with lots of crazy kid fun!

Can't wait til the bell rings tomorrow afternoon!!


1 comment:

  1. yeah! we got out friday, started camps today, chess basketball, arts, etc!
    sometimes i think summer is crazier than the school year!