Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Many Books...

Almost more than he can hold
Libraries are amazing to me.  There is something special about being surrounded by books.  Old or new, it doesn't matter.  I always start looking in the new books section, then I meander to the older collections.  By the time I reach the last shelf, I usually have chosen more books than I can carry which is also quite a bit more than I can read in three weeks.  But at this point my thirst for the knowledge hidden inside these precious pages overcomes me and I check them out anyway.
My kids are the same.  My daughters grab as many  YA novels and biographies as they can find.  My son never really wants to go to the library, but his eyes light up when he sits among the stacks of brightly colored picture books...and then he wants to bring them all home.
I wonder what it would have been like to visit the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt....I think papyrus scrolls were lighter than books.


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