Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Computer Day

Yesterday, the kids had the day off from school.  I'm sure they had imagined spending a large portion of the day playing computer and video games, but to their chagrin we instituted a "NO COMPUTER DAY".  Despite major protestations, I held firm.  Even I turned off my computer for the day.  At first they didn't seem to know what to do with themselves.  They ran around being silly chasing each other for a while.  Then one of them decided to bring their big set of wooden blocks downstairs.  I thought they would build a tower and that would be that.  What started out as a simple square, transformed into a project of sibling unity.  They divided their project into sections so each person could be in charge of something.  They grabbed the Lego box and their imaginations went wild.  Alyssa the naturalist, created a forest.  Science officer Jessica, created a scanning tower and Ryan took care of all the defense systems.  It took them all afternoon but they were proud of the masterpiece they created together.  Not so bad for a day with no computer.


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