Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Days!

My kids enjoy school, but nothing compares to the joy of a snow day!  I love them just as much as the kids do. I love waking them up at the normal time but instead of rushing them out of bed, I say, "Guess what, you have a snow day!  Go back to sleep."  The blizzard which has blanketed the Midwest for the past 5 days has brought some good.  Now, it's not all fun and games at our house on a snow day. As I write my girls are practicing their algebra while listening to a Mozart concerto.  Ryan is reading a picture book that teaches Chinese characters.  Later today I am planning to teach them how to bake bread, and if the temperature rises above 2 degrees we'll go out to build a snowman.  

Stay Warm


  1. Yes! I am so excited to make the bread with u today!! And I do hope we can make a snow man as well!!! <3

  2. Now if that doesn't sound like a perfect day. May you have many more such blessed days.

  3. Thanks Rayna, it was a wonderful day.

    Alyssa sorry it was too cold to make a snowman but I loved all our baking!