Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hmmm The Smell of Fresh Bread

Unfortunately, it stayed bitter cold and windy yesterday so our snowman did not get made, but we did create memories in the kitchen.  We found a recipe for a simple white bread in Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.  The kids were intrigued to see how the yeast became frothy in the sugar water mixture.  Then I showed them how to knead the bread by hand.  Yes, a bread machine can do it all for you but where is the fun in that?  There is something special about putting your hands in the dough and connecting with your masterpiece.  Then it was time to wait as the tiny yeast cells magically made the dough rise.  In a world of instant gratification it is nice to have to wait for something good.  Alyssa punched down the dough and shaped a loaf by herself.  We let the loaves rise again and put them in the hot oven.  Soon the smell of fresh bread filled the house.  The loaves were a perfect honey brown.  Everyone wanted to slice into them right away, but again we had to be patient.  "They must cool first," I said.  We tried to busy ourselves with other activities, but that aroma kept calling us back.  Finally, we could wait no longer.  I sliced 5 pieces and we all sat around the table feasting on our creation.