Sunday, August 15, 2021

Looking For a Virtual Workout? #Virtualfitness

Core Rhythm Fitness: CRF Live! Best Virtual Group Workout!

It's ten a.m. I rush to my living room and lay out my yoga mat. The weights are where they are easy to grab, my big water bottle is filled and ready. I open my computer and click on the Zoom link.

The connection goes through and I hear that delightfully familiar scream, "Kathyyyy!" Rodrick stretches out my name like he's vocally hugging me. Then his smile brings a ray of light into my heart even in these anxiety-ridden times. Rodrick Covington, founder of Core Rhythm Fitness, (CRF) checks in with everyone as their faces pop up on screen. 

In today's class, there are fifteen of us. I'm glad to see so many familiar faces. I've never met any of these people in person, they live around the country and even in Mexico, but seeing them day-to-day struggling through the workout with me brings us together. We're a community, all here to sweat our stress away. 
But it's not just the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT class) that we're here for. We log in every morning because at least for this one hour of the day, we feel lifted, like we've just been to church. Rodrick's words ground us and bind us together as a family even while we're in our own spaces jumping off our mats.

This is not just a workout, this is about mind, body, soul, and our collective human spirit.

"Mary," Rodrick says and pins her screen so we can all see her, "what is this month's mantra?"

"Surrender," she says, taking herself off mute. 

"Yesss! And what does surrender mean to you, Mary?"

She thinks for a moment. "It means to let go of things I cannot control."

"Yes! Letting go of those other things allows you to make room for the new!" 

We all take a moment to ponder what this means to us.

"Okay, let's get started. First are there any injuries or issues I should know about?" He always gives modifications to every exercise so that anyone can do them. If your back or knees bother you, he will adjust the exercises. A couple of weeks ago, my seventy-nine year old mom joined in on the classes while I was visiting her and she did the whole workout with modifications.
"Lie down on your mat, legs straight at a forty-five degree angle, heels together, toes apart, arms six inches off the mat and pulse." Rodrick leads us through the pilates warm-up.

By the time we're done with the first five minutes, my abs are in a knot and on fire. I hope that means I'm pushing myself harder because even though I've been doing this six times a week for over a year, it never seems to get easier!

Only forty-five minutes left to go.

The next exercise is side lunges into a squat, thankfully no weights today. Only sixty seconds of each exercise, but thirty seconds in and my legs already feel heavy. I feel like I might not make it today. I suck in a deep breath. Twenty-five seconds left.

Rodrick senses my waining stamina through the screen and calls out, "C'mon Kathy, just a few more!"

I dig deeper. I breathe and keep pushing.

Somehow I make it through to the end of class. And then Rodrick says the word I've been waiting for. "Rest."

I lay on my mat in a pool of sweat, my muscles still vibrating from the exertion. I listen as he guides us through the stretching cool down.  

To end the class he says, "Share in the chat what surrender means to you."

Today, I'm not sure what to type, so I read everyone else's responses. Jesse types, "To live in the moment and let go of everything else." Living in the moment is exactly what the CRF classes force me to do. We all say goodbye and I lay back down on my mat. 

My body is tired, but I feel strong and spiritually uplifted, though I know I will be sore as hell tomorrow. 

For more information or to join in on the CRF Live fun, click the link. Core Rhythm Fitness is located in New York City and is rated #1 on ClassPass! In addition to their virtual group classes, they also offer virtual personal training as well as a virtual nutrition program.

Other News:
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I also want to give a big shout out to J.L Woodson over at Woodson Creative Studios for designing a cover that I love!

Hope to see you soon at the virtual CRF gym! 

Kathy :)


  1. So excited for your release. Thanks for mentioning my shout out of your release today. I'm hoping to find an online hatha yoga class. Glad you found a daily class that works for you.

    1. Thanks Natalie! They do offer yoga as well at CRFLive and all the trainers are experienced and welcoming!