Thursday, March 10, 2016

Problems with Google+

Hey Everybody,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and feedback you gave me on my Insecure Writer's Group post!  I have a totally new outlook on my blogging and hope to be much more present!  Thank you Alex for starting up such a great support network, it has helped so many of us!  If you're not part of the IWSG, click here to join us!

I hope you are all having a great week!  Mine is going pretty well but I have a question for all of you who know your way around a computer better than me, which is probably all of you!

For some reason, my Google + profile page continues to post the Insecure Writer's Support Group Picture as my most current blog post picture. I've tried changing all the settings, I tried looking in the Help section, but I can't figure it out.

Does anyone know how to change the pictures that are posted? Help me bloggy friends, you're my only hope!

Thanks and have a super day!



  1. There should be a little arrow in the left hand corner of the image that lets you change it. I think you can also remove the image, too.

  2. L.Diane- Thanks for the response! Hmm okay. For some reason there is no arrow and when I click on the image it just takes me directly to my blog! I'll keep trying though!

  3. The arrow is in the very left-hand corner. When yo hold your cursor over it, it should give you the option to scroll forward or backwards.

  4. I hate Google+. I have a hard time going to the blogs of new visitors from their profile pages. I am sticking to my blogger profile. Hang in there, Kathy. :-)

  5. Alex- Thanks! That did it! For some reason I wasn't able to change pictures but at least it let me delete them! :)

    Roland- I've decided I don't like it either! Good luck on your new book Roland, it looks great!