Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites and KoMF Winners

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We sure had beautiful weather here in Ohio.
This morning Jess and I are announcing the two winners from the 7th Knights of MicroFiction.

Congratulations to T.Z. Wallace and Sally's Scribbles!  

Ladies we will be emailing you with more information so we can feature you on our blogs.  Thanks so much to everyone who played along this time.    

And now for the main event of the day...
Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting another blogfest.  This time it is all about your favorite genres.  So head on over and sign up if you want to join in on the fun.  It's a great way to meet lots of new wonderful people!

One blogfest, four favorites!
List your favorite genre of:
And a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories!

Favorite movie genre:  Action/Adventure

Growing up with two brothers influenced me more than I thought.  When we went to movies it was either James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Star Wars/Star Trek.  I fell in love with the fast pace and quirky moments of humor.  My current favorite:  Avengers

Favorite music genre:  Almost anything except Jazz

This one was really tough for me because I love all sorts of music.  Classical and opera top my list but I don't usually listen to those while I'm writing.  Lately I've really gotten into the music of Red, Evanesence and Within Temptation.  For some reason they speak to my writer's soul and get my creativity flowing.  My current favorite (I keep putting it on repeat):  Hymn for the Missing by Red

Favorite book genre:  Historical non-fiction

Even as a kid I soaked up history.  I was enchanted by the Arthurian legends and while that might not be history, it got me excited about all things in the past.  I moved on to Middle Age Europe and then the French Revolution.  Lately, I've added some Asian history to the mix.   But recently I've been trying to widen my horizons and I've really enjoyed some sci-fi and fantasy as well.  Current favorite:  Taj Mahal:  Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire

My guilty pleasure:  Comedy movies

Anything that makes me laugh so hard that I cry.  It could be romantic comedies or spoofs or even stand up comedians.  Current favorite:  Jim Gaffigan's King Baby

Make sure you check out Alex's blog to find all the other participants.  Have a great Monday!

Kathy :)         


  1. Within Temptation!! Your rock, Kathy. And Gaffigan is awesome. His delivery is perfect.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  2. Thanks for sharing I'll check out King Baby

  3. It was so hard for me to choose my favorite favorites, and now as I check out other bloggers' favorites I am reminded of other stuff I really like. Classical music is what I use when I need to calm myself, I love James Bond movies, history is an old favorite for reading, and a good comedy is priceless entertainment. My all-time favorite movie, Overboard, qualifies for that genre as well.

  4. The Avengers was fantastic and even the mere mention of Star Wars makes me want to geek out all over the place. Great list!

  5. You know I still haven't seen The Avengers? So pathetic, I know.

    I like Evanesence as well. Oh, and I'm a new follower!

  6. I love historic in books, movies, and TV. Great stuff. Comedies, too.

  7. I so love Avengers, it is such a perfect movie! Did you wait until the titles ended? :D
    I love to get distracted by comedies sometimes, will have to check out your suggestions!

  8. I love Evanescence. She has an amazing voice! I like Comedies also, but romantic comedies are my favorite

  9. my fave is action & comedy! avengers all the way!
    great picks =)

  10. I need to check out that Jim Gaffigan special. He is pretty funny!

  11. I just discovered in the last couple of years that I really like historical fiction. I've been wanting to try some historical non-fiction now. Thanks for the tip!

  12. romancing the stone is one of my favorite action/adventure movies (prob should be a guilty pelasure lol)
    regarding comedy, have u ever seen Top Secret with Val Kilmer??

  13. My faves are comedy and horror- I couldn't choose just one. :D
    New follower!

  14. I love a good action film! Avengers is definitely a good one. Who's your favorite Avenger?

    My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures