Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review

Over my vacation I had lots of time to read.  One of the books I finished was, On Writing by Stephen King.  I've never read anything by him before.  I saw The Shining but was so scared by it I was afraid what I might find in his books.

But this one was different.  No scary scenes in here except when he tells about being hit by a van in 1999.  

The first part of the book gives some background of his life and then seamlessly moves on to his advice for writers.  He doesn't give a grammar lecture or long spiel about story arcs but he delivers a message that as writers we must use our accumulated experiences to craft fiction by telling the truth about ourselves and the world around us.  It's a great book filled with funny anecdotes and tips.  I recommend it to all writers.          

And yes, now I'm going to read something else by him.  I've already checked out his latest book, 11/22/63, from the library. 

What books have you read lately?  What's on your To Read list?

Kathy :)


  1. I have that one but haven't had time to really get into it.
    Just finished reading Nancy Thompson's upcoming release - awesome!

  2. I still feel like Stephen King's book should never be read alone at night - no matter what the title is...

    All of the books I’m currently reading, and on my to-read list, are on investing, written by various private investors. It’s very important for me to IMPLEMENT what I read.

    Whenever I get a chance, I'm also reading "Decision Points" by George W. Bush. History, biographies, and real-life stories fascinate me.

  3. I think his book on writing is one of the best out there. It helped me a lot. But I've not read his other books for the same reason as you - I don't like scary things. I"m reading Construct a Couple by Talli Roland - a fellow blogger. It's a light, fun read.

  4. I did enjoy his On Writing, and I loved 11/22/63, such a good but long book.

    Right now I'm reading The Azalea Assault by Alyse Carlson (aka Hart Johnson).

  5. I loved On Writing! I actually listened to the audiobook version of it. Very inspiring!
    I just finished reading Les Edgerton's Finding Your Voice and found it very helpful!