Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boys vs. Girls

Gearing up for Laser Tag! 
I'm always eager to try new things. Except river rafting down the Ganges, I was terrified of that ...and jet skiing in the Gulf of Mexico, scary.  I was sure a shark was going to gobble me up. Ok maybe I'm not the bravest of souls, but when we had the opportunity to play laser tag, I was fired up.  I had no idea what to expect but I knew it should be  boys vs. girls.      

We met the other families we'd be playing with and suited up with our lasers and crazy looking head gear that acted as the receiver for the signal.  We split up into our teams, our family was the only one that split up according to gender.

We went into the darkened arena and set up our blockades.  The music started which was our signal to begin.  My son was soo excited he ran across enemy lines and just started firing.  He didn't quite realize how easy a target he was standing out in the open.  I think he was the first one out. I'm not sure what happened to my husband...all I know is that when the first game was over it was the girls who had won.
SCORE: 1-0

The boys quickly came back and won the next game.
SCORE: 1-1

Now it was time to get serious.  Jess, Alyssa and I worked together like a special forces unit to pick off the other team.  We stood back to back behind a barrier and took turns firing on them.  We inched our way up to their blockades by crawling on our hands and knees.  They didn't even know what hit them.
SCORE: 2-1

We kept returning to the arena after each round.  The girls and I felt like Jedis defeating the Empire, only it was much easier.  We never let the boys' team win another round!

 Maybe you could say it was beginner's luck, but I don't think so!  I can't wait for the rematch.

Do you have friendly competition within your family?  Is it boys vs. girls or do you team up in other ways?



  1. Oh man, I love things like laser tag and go karts. When my family gets together we have to join up with with my sister's family to get the boy/girl ratio, but then it's on. My nephews take it very seriously (which is hilarious), but they can't seem to work well together. My sister and I, however, unite against the boy team. Those boys never had a chance....

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! The only competition in our household is me against myself - every single day!

  3. Bless your wee boy for jumping out into the open! In our house, not just in games, but in general the four girls tend to gang up against the two boys. We have to stick together!

  4. I love laser tag! I can't wait until my boys are older so we can have at it. Of course, unless I start popping out girls, we can't do boys versus girls since I'm the only girl! And mid-February, we'll have our third son! I'm so hopelessly outnumbered *sob*

  5. In my family it's everyone else versus Mum :-)