Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't Worry Mom

Always trying something new
"Don't worry Mom, I won't break my leg," my 7 year old son casually said to me last night before he attempted his next oddball stunt.  I had been reading and not paying much attention to what he was up to until those words came out of his mouth.  I scanned the room searching for a dangerous setup.  Then he ran full speed at the couch and attempted a flying karate kick at a pillow laying peacefully on the sofa.

He hit with a sort of muted thud, bounced back and fell onto the floor.  He turned and his big brown eyes caught mine. A flash of disappointment and humiliation washed over his face, but he quickly said, "I'm ok."
I know exactly what he expected.  He imagined jumping and flying threw the air, right leg extended and left tucked under him like a Jedi Knight engaged in a fierce battle.

Somehow real life never seems to measure up to our imaginations...but I'm proud he tried (and of course I'm glad he didn't do any real damage to himself).

I hope I can follow his advice this year to "not worry" and charge full steam ahead into new ideas and adventures.

What new adventures do you have planned for the new year?



  1. Your descriptions are so vivid; the hook, the body, and the relief that came at the end. Phew! I loved riding on an emotional roller coaster through your blog!!

  2. I loved that! I can even remember doing it as a kid. Now that I have my own kid, though, I sure wish she'd take better care building her Landing Zones.