Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Two Teenage Daughters

Warning: This post contains intense gushing over my children.  :)

Teenage Daughters- those two words can scare even the bravest parent.

When my girls were little I wondered what they would be like as teenagers.  Would they fall under some magical spell on their 13th birthdays transforming them into rebellious drama queens?  Could these adorable little princesses really transform into devils?

The spell was never cast on my girls.  That mystical night came and went and I now have two teenage daughters who remain best of friends and are still a joy to be around. We do everything together, from writing, to skating, to cooking.  I feel lucky that they continue to want me to join the fun. And they are always including their 7 year old brother in their crazy ideas.  Which usually ends in loud bursts of laughter.

I no longer have doubts on the kind of women they will become.  I'm already immensely proud of what they have accomplished and how they think of the world.  They both seem wise beyond their years.  Much more so than I was at that age.

My throat tightens when I think of Jessica leaving for college in 4 years and Alyssa following two years later. But I believe these teenage years which frighten so many, will be the most rewarding.  I am honored to be a part of their journey to becoming independent women.  


p.s. sorry for the mushy post, but I saw that Fox Network is starting a new series, "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" and I was appalled.  I had to write about how great my girls are!

NANOWRIMO- I'm excited.  I've decided to participate this year.  I have my outline almost ready.  YEAH!  Are you participating?  and how do you prepare?


  1. I am happy to hear a parent:teen rave any day of the week.... and we need more of this if the media is going to feed us hate messages!

  2. Your girls sound awesome and you should be yelling it from the roof! My oldest son is eleven so I'm a little nervous about the upcoming teenage years myself. Glad to hear it doesn't have to be horrible.

  3. you are blessed =)
    i'm hoping for good daughter inlaws!

  4. You are the daughter we never had. I loved you instantly when Jesse brought you home. I cannot be more proud of how the two of you created the kind of family environment that is so warm and caring of one another. No wonder the two sisters turned out to be the most wonderful teenagers! I'm deeply grateful for the happiness and joy that you, Jesse, Jessica, Alyssa, and Ryan bring to our lives. We are blessed beyond words. I love you to infinity!

  5. This post brought a lump to my throat. I could have written it about my girls. We don't get the chance often enough to sing our daughters' praises. Your girls sound like an absolute credit to you and your husband :-)