Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost There

We have made it 2100 miles across the country, through endless fields of corn, golden prairies, desolate mountain passes, and stately pine forests. In Yellowstone National Park I was in awe of the most foreign landscape I had ever scene.  It was like we stepped back into the Jurassic Period with pots of boiling mud, spewing geysers, and gasses leaking from every fissure in the Earth.


I swear a T-Rex was lurking in there somewhere, but all we saw were bison.

But now our cross-country adventure is almost done.  We only have 310 miles left on the journey to our new home.  We've had 8 great days together exploring and it's a little sad to be approaching the last day.  
It's the end of a great chapter of our lives, but the next chapter, with its plethora of blank pages, lies within reach.  I can't wait to see what will be written on those pages.


How are things going with you? I'd love to hear what new chapters have begun in your lives.

I want to thank all the people who left great comments on my Insecure Writer's post.  They helped me quite a bit and I'm excited again to be working on my novel.

And ooohh yeah, I finally hit 100 followers!  Thanks to Sarah Perry over at the The Restless Writer for becoming #100. Check out her great site and give her some love.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh how exciting. I've been to Yellowstone a lot in my life...not in the last ten or so years though. I lived very close to it as a kid growing up so mom and dad went there nearly every vacation opportunity.

  2. That last picture is amazing, like a movie set. What a wonderful journey you've had, it's been a real adventure and I hope it sets the tone for your new life :-)

  3. wild photos. you're in the land of the lost all right!

  4. Hello! Love your blog and I am laughing about that t-rex comment. It totally has that sort of feeling to it. Looks like fun though!