Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early Works

Julie over at Rosewood Pencil Box is hosting a great blogfest called Oh, the  Early Works.  The idea is to hear what other bloggers wrote as their first works and to be able to laugh/rejoice over the memories of them.  It was supposed to go until Oct 14th but it has been extended to Oct 28th.  So hop on over and join in the fun.      

I can't remember when I didn't love to write.  I know I started out with some pretty cheesy poetry, but luckily, I don't remember any of them.  The first story I really remember was one I wrote in 5th grade. It was about this girl who wore big bulky sweaters to school.  Unfortunately, the sweaters always had giant lint balls hanging off them and all the kids made fun of her. (You can probably guess what kind of clothes I must have worn to 5th grade!)  Anyway she ran into the bathroom crying and tried to comb the lint off of her sweater.  She kept combing and combing until a giant lint ball formed that rolled around and ate the whole school!

The next story, my mom and I wrote together and we had a blast.  I still remember sitting at the table laughing so hard we cried as we thought of new scenes.  This one was about a grandma and her granddaughter.  They met up with some strange unfriendly alien creatures that looked like walking pieces of bacon.  The grandma had  an extra special shiny belt buckle that shot out laser beams as the sun hit it and blinded the bacon people.  Somehow they all became friends and had a picnic of bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches!  Yikes I guess I had a crazy imagination....maybe I still do.

What were your earliest works?  Check out Julie's site to see what odd stuff other bloggers wrote about as kids.


P.S. We rode the ferry across Puget Sound today.  It was beautiful!


  1. A giant lint ball that eats a school? That would make a cool picture book :-)

  2. Ha, what cool stories! Thanks for sharing! I wrote my first novel when I was 14 -- long hand, in a notebook -- and threw it away, because it was just. That. Bad. Basically Nancy Drew meets I Know What You Did Last Summer, it involves a Mary Sue character trying to find out who's been killing the popular kids in school. And yeah, she's helped by this gorgeous hunk (a hybrid of all my crushes at the time) who she thought was the killer but obviously was not! *yawns*

    Thanks for popping by my blog! Following you back! :)


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  3. I love the giant lint ball idea too. I can remember being sent to the Head of our senior school to get a gold mark for a ghost story that I wrote but I can't remember anything about it which is a shame. Your Mum sounds great!

  4. Proof that bacon makes everything better :) Great stories!

  5. I can almost picture you, as a child, having a great time with your Mom, writing these stories. It's so wonderful that you, now as a Mom, are keeping the same tradition with Jessica. :D

  6. I love it that you and your mom wrote a story together. That is so sweet. As far as the huge lint ball, hmm, those can get pretty bad. :)

  7. Haha, Jeigh. I was going to say "Proof that bacon is scary," but that's vegetarian in me. :)
    I agree with Sarah that the lint ball story would make a great picture book!
    Thanks for joining in the fum!

  8. And by "fum," of course, I mean "fun." But thanks for joining in the fum, too.

  9. Giant, school-eating lint balls and potentially cannibalistic bacon aliens? I bow down to the powers of your young imagination. Great stories!

  10. Seriously, that lint story should be has great potential. I love the idea of the giant lint-ball eating the school!