Friday, October 13, 2017

Fake ID, Proving Age Does Matter

Fake ID is a new band rockin' the Cleveland area.  They just performed their first two shows this last weekend and received rave reviews from anyone who saw them.

But what makes this cover band with two guitarists, a singer, a bassist, and a drummer so special?

Their ages.

Three of them are 13 and two are only 11 but these kids can really rock!  They aren't old enough to have spent decades learning their instruments, unless they started in the womb but somehow time doesn't seem to matter because they can play!

Of course I do have to admit I'm a bit biased as my son is one of the guitarists.
My son is the one in the red! :)

Another thing that makes them special is that this whole thing has all been on them.  They got together as a band, decided on a band name, set up their own rehearsal times, made up their set list and learned all the songs by themselves.  They decided they wanted to perform and not just goof around in the garage.  They contacted some venues, met with them and set everything up.  All that we parents did was drive them, hope everything would work out (leaving planning to 13 and 11 year olds is scary!) and then beam with pride as we watched them perform!

But as they say on their Facebook page, "Judge us by our music, not our ages" so I will let you judge for yourselves.  Here is a video of them performing Muse's Stockholm Syndrome at the Hiram House Pumpkin Festival in Chagrin Falls, Ohio this last Sunday!

Kathy :)


  1. I'm just going to give up playing now...
    They are really good, especially for their age. They keep at it - and sounds like they are responsible enough to do so - and write some original music, they could eventually get a recording gig.

    1. Alex- Haha! Nooo...!! :) I don't understand how they got so good so quickly, but yeah I'm really hoping they can keep at it. They are a really good group of kids and they love performing together!

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  3. Wow, I can't believe how young they are!! Good for them! And I love the name of the band - perfect. What fun.

  4. My brother had a garage band, and I ended up listening to a ton of his stuff and other local bands because of it. They've got to have some pretty awesome parents for giving them all equipment, lessons, and rides to make this happen. I have an 11 year old. Can't imagine him being in a band, say nothing about one that sounds decent. =)

    1. Crystal, well luckily our son is the youngest of our family so maybe you could say we spoil him a tad, since his sisters are off at college! :)