Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Good Fight

Yesterday, Jess and I were talking about the never ending malicious behaviour of humans toward one another, in particular certain groups or societies against other groups or societies.  She asked me what I thought could be done.  I have no special qualifications to answer a such a question.  I’m simply a human, a mom, a wife, just like any other human living on this planet; from Sydney to Mumbai to Beirut to New York City.  I have the same hopes and dreams as anyone else.  But I’ve learned that when your 19 year old engages you in a discussion you cherish it and keep it going.  So I answered.  

Her main concern:  How do we fight against injustice among two groups of people? Is war/bombing the hell out of a place, the only way to stop the cycle of brutality and terror?  As a peace loving young adult she desperately wanted there to be another answer.  

Hmm.  As I write this, I realize I should have turned the question around for her to answer, to figure out on her own what could be done.  To have her really think about the problem and see what her infinitely creative mind could come up with.  But instead I had to give her my input.

I don’t think there is any one quick solution that will rid us of malicious behaviour of one group toward another.  No matter what is done there will always be people trying to gain power over another group, taking advantage of and using them for their benefit.  Magnifying differences among us to create inequalities.  Bombing or destroying “the enemy” only creates a new generation of  “enemies” to fight later.  

So is it a useless, Sisyphean task, of rolling the boulder uphill everyday only to watch it roll back down?  And do we even know which side is the “right” side?  We choose arbitrarily the side that aligns more with our own ideals and experiences, but there is not one group throughout history that has been totally innocent.  We all have a black mark on our record, so who is the real enemy?  

It is within ourselves.  It is the fears, resentments, jealousies, insecurities, and anger that we hold on to, the black spot within us all that is the real enemy.  Only when we defeat the cancer that is growing within can we look outside.  Is it an infinite task?  Sure, but each day as we strive to rid ourselves of darkness and do good in each moment, loving ourselves and one another, we bring ourselves and our world closer to a new and brighter dawn.    

What are your thoughts?

Kathy :)
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  1. We've been fighting since the beginning - the Bible itself is full of wars and battles.
    Maybe you should engage her again and ask what she would do.

  2. I think you've got it right. I think it's also important to recognize that all of these groups are really quite similar to each other too and that much of the malice you see exists between tiny groups within those groups. Disagreement and strong opinions abound, of course, but the actual malice isn't widespread. Letting it get to you can often just make it worse. I think it's good to think about it sometimes though.

  3. It's difficult to say. Honestly, I think wars and atrocities will continue for as long as people see all others as the enemy.

    Which means... probably forever, because people simply don't like to think that the other side might have a point.

  4. I don't think it is a matter of choosing sides. it goes deeper. We as homo sapiens have forgotten that life is not something that we can generate or rebirth, or heal. We have forgotten that it is the precious spirit within us and once lost, it cannot be regained. this phenomenal loss of memory is taking away the spirit of mankind all over the world. Not one nation is exempt. We disrespect the jewel that cannot be bought at any price and that jewel is the ability to live and breathe.

    Shalom aleichem,