Monday, March 10, 2014

Jumping Out of My Comfort Zone

I haven’t been around for awhile.  Thank goodness for D.L. Hammons Blitzs which get me visiting and commenting a little bit.  

I’ve been busy reading a lot, writing some, and taking care of Jessica who suffered a concussion almost a month ago now and is just beginning to feel better.  It’s been a challenge keeping her spirits up when she was told she had to rest mind and body completely which meant no computer to write on and no reading.  One day she was in her room and said she was just staring at the ceiling.  :(

What I’m most excited about though, is what I did Saturday.  In my last post, from January, I said one of my goals was to take myself to a new level this year and Saturday was what I was referring to.  

Two months ago my much younger skating friend talked me into entering an adult figure skating competition with her.  It was crazy, I know.  I hadn’t competed in 25 years, but I’m on the ice every day to teach, so I thought maybe it was possible.  

We had lots of fun training together but as last week came to a close and our event neared, I began to worry I was over my head.  My lungs were on fire as I tried to make it through my three minute program and two of the jumps were still giving me trouble.  What had I been thinking?  But I was also excited. I had to concentrate on the things I was good at and enjoy performing.    

Then Saturday was upon us.  I was nervous and I knew I hadn’t trained as much as I should have because of all those other things in life that always manage to create road blocks. I was as ready as I could be at that moment in time and I just had to go for it.  

I’d like to say that as soon as I stepped on the ice all my nervousness melted away, but it didn’t. I was determined though, to enjoy each one of my three minutes and show what I could do.

Jumping out of my comfort zone!!
As my music played, time slowed and each movement flowed from my body.  I had time to think about how lucky I was to be there with my kids, husband, and parents cheering me on.  

What a moment.  

During the last minute, I took a deep breath both to calm my excitement and to not pass out during my big finish.

When the last few notes played and I struck my ending pose nothing else mattered.  I had done it!  A huge smile broke across my face as I bowed and skated off.  I knew I hadn’t skated everything perfectly but I landed all my jumps and did everything I had hoped to do.  

The scores didn’t even matter.    
Alyssa, me, Jessica, and my coach

What have you been up to?  Any big news?  A-Z is coming up are you participating?

Kathy :)


  1. Congratulations!! That is awesome. Just think how many people younger than you never would've attempted it. Well done.

  2. You are a brave lady! Few people would let themselves be open like that!

  3. I love it. It's so amazing to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. I din't know about you, but I find it painful and a little terrifying... and I'm always a little surprised to discover that I didn't die once I'm through to the other side... but then I feel exhilarated! Inspired! I hope that you did, too!

  4. That is SO wonderful. When I started taking ice dance lessons last year, after thirteen years off, I was simultaneously terrified and exhilarated. I ended up truly loving it (even though it took me twice as long to "get" the dances as it had when I was a teenager). We've moved now, and there's no club around here where I can find a coach, and oh, I miss it so much now! It's amazing how quickly it gets back into your blood.

  5. Excellent stuff! Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone! Ice skating is such a cool thing to do, you should be very proud!

  6. Alex and Susan-Thanks!! I still can't believe I actually did it!

    Elisabeth- yes I was terrified! And I kept second guessing myself. Every time there was a road block, I thought maybe I shouldn't go through with it, but I just kept going forward and yes I feel such exhilaration that I did it! And now I feel more ready to keep at my writing and sending ms out. :)

    Louise-I only took a little dance when I was younger and would love to get back to it eventually. My daughter ice dances and loves it! It's too bad there is no club near you, maybe you can at least find some ice to practice on. A rink nearby is always a prerequisite for our moves! :)

    Kyra- Thanks! It does feel good! And I heard you have a new book out to be proud of. :) Congratulations on Sidelined!

  7. Hi Kathy. I've missed you too. This is so awesome ! Good for you ! What a role model for your students ! Love watching ice dancing.

  8. Oh, please give Jessica my very best for her full recovery.

  9. Denise- Thanks! Ice Dancers Torvill and Dean were my inspiration as a kid!
    Thanks for the well wishes for Jessica she gets a little better every day.

  10. We are very proud of you and what you accomplished. Only wish we could have been there. We definitely want to see the video.