Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Happy May 1st everyone!  We are finally getting some springy weather around here.
I can't believe April and the Challenge are already over! I hope everyone had a great time.  I did!

Being the first Wednesday of the month means today is the IWSG, started by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Today I'm feeling pretty good, because during the craziness of the A-Z Challenge, I decided to send out a query for a magazine article.  The guidelines said they wouldn't contact me unless they wanted to use my article.  But the next day I got an email from the editor saying thanks for the query and if they "decide to use my good idea," they will contact me again in sometime in May.

I was so excited!!!!! I Jumped up and down and pumped my fists in the air, just because I got a reply.  Now maybe it was just an auto reply that they send to everyone, but I don't care. I choose to think it is a good omen!!!

How are you this week?  What are you excited about and what are your fears?

Kathy :)


  1. Here from Alex's blog.

    First and foremost, congratulations on the response. Writing is such a solitary job. It is seldom that our hard work is recognized. It's important to accept compliments when they come along.

    BTW, I really like your blog and am now a follower.

  2. Hi Andrea- Thanks, the response definitely made my day! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yay! Those kind of things are so wonderful. Enjoy the feeling!

  4. Congratulations! Here's looking forward to your next reply! You go girl!

  5. That's great. Way to go! I'm sure you'll hear from them again.

  6. A reply is a reply. It always means something.

  7. That's fantastic, Kathy! I hope you hear good news from them! *fingers crossed*

  8. I hope you've either heard back from them by now or will soon!