Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Commenter's Block
I think I figured it out.  The reason I can't read and comment on hundreds of blogs in a week is because I sit and stare at the little blank comment box, then I glance at the clock and back to the flashing cursor, trying to think of something witty to say.
Nothing comes.
I scan the blog again hoping to spot an easy opening, like a "congratulations".  Finally, I've got just the right words and I notice the person's comment right above me is essentially the same.
Back to the blank white box.
I glance at the clock again, six minutes lost.  Maybe I'll move on to the next blog, but no, I have to write something since I've been here minutes.
I slump in my chair, type two words, and hit "publish your comment".  It reads:
kmckendry said...
great post!  

Does anyone else do this? or am I all alone in my comment challenges?

Don't forget to check out all the other participants here.  I'm off to try to comment on at least four of them before noon! :)

Kathy :)        


  1. You're not alone. I'm at a lose of words from time to time. No worries!

  2. I do that too, but mostly I get so caught up in it that I begin to write a book in that little square. I share way too much -- I have deleted more than I've ever posted in one of those little white boxes.
    I'll never be able to post on hundreds, but I have given it a good effort -- to the detriment of all other goals that day!
    Like this morning -- it's 9:10 AM and I haven't even finish my first cup of tea. It sits cold in the cup because it's IWSG and I want, no, I need inspiration!
    See, I told you -- blah, blah, blah! :)

  3. Miranda- oh good glad I'm not the only one! :)

    Yolanda-hehe I don't mind long comments!
    I've finished my tea and on to the second cup, but that's about all. :)

  4. Bloggers just want to feel that what they say is being heard, that they are not sending words into the void. Just writing "Isn't that the truth?" lets them feel as if they were heard, that someone is out there listening and nodding with a warm smile.

    Once you realize that, the words will come. Thanks for commenting on my post. It meant a lot, Roland

  5. Roland-you're right, I shouldn't over think it. I guess sometimes simple is best.

  6. Ha! Yes, and trying to write something that doesn't sound patronising or know-it-all is hard, too!

  7. You're definitely not alone! I'm so bad at thinking of things to say, so sometimes I go for the easy out with "Congratulations" or "Great Post" etc.

  8. must say i dont have this problem, i'm a natural chatterer!
    short ones are easier, long ones i take notes on what the post triggers...i can usually find something to talk about! ramble, ramble!

  9. I can usually find something to say, although once in a while, a post will stump me. And I don't mind getting short little comments like that either. (I also try for a variety in my posts so someone can find something to comment on.)

  10. Have I mentioned the irony of asking people to comment if they have writer's block when commenting?

    Just thought I'd put that out there.

    (I totally have commentors's block too).

  11. You're not alone! I've recently had a commenter's block and can't find anything to say. I like to write long comments and with that said, I barely read the post to write a comment.

    Reading and commenting on blogs are so time consuming. I read blogs every day, but sometimes I comment a few blogs.

    Great post! Thanks for following my blog! Nice to meet ya!

  12. Too funny. I can relate: I've often tried to avoid reading the other comments before adding my own. Only then (often) to see that I'm not as original as I think I am... Thanks for the honesty and challenge at good comments. Kudos for an original thought--or at least, the first time I've heard it:)

  13. I too like to leave a comment, but only if the comment has some value to it. I won't comment just so the blogger knows I was there. (Maybe I should?) I comment on 20-50% of the blogs I read for this reason. And anywhere from 10-20% of the comments I attempt to leave never get posted because I can't get past the captcha--some of which were of decent length or value. (I've decided on a three attempt limit.) And I've left some

  14. lol I stopped reading others comments long ago, cuz when I do I feel like I have to be different. Now I just read the post and identify one thing I want to comment on and do it without reading anyone else's comments. That way it's natural and who cares if it's similar to what someone else said. I get that all the time on my blog and it doesn't bother me at all. I think bloggers are just happy for the comment. :)

    Thx for your warm wishes on my blog. Appreciate that!

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  16. Ha! I'm so bad with witty and reading all the other wonderful comments makes it worse. I like the short 'great post'. I've never tried that :)

  17. It definitely happens to me sometimes! :D

    And I wanted to thank you for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest! I'm so stoked you're participating... it's going to be so fun!