Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's time for the first IWSG post for 2015!

If you haven't heard, the IWSG was created by Alex J. Cavanaugh, as a place for us writers to share our struggles and joys and to encourage one another.  It's a place to express your doubts or concerns without feeling afraid or silly.  We post the first Wednesday of every month.  For more info click here.

This month Alex thought it would be a great idea for us to give a short introduction of ourselves.  Here are a few facts about me:

I have a husband, three crazy kids, and a dog who are everything to me.
I've been a figure skating coach for 25 years and I still crave that feeling of flying through the chilled arena air.
Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with words, stories and writing.
I love music, travel, and books.  
I love meeting new people, laughing, and experiencing life as much as possible.

This month, I'm pretty excited.  I don't know what it is but I have a great feeling for 2015 and as I've been traveling around the blogosphere, I've seen that a lot of other people are feeling the same way.  That's a lot of positive energy rolling around right now and that has to be a good thing!

What is there to be excited about?

Well, I'm excited to finish reading the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond.  What I've read so far is fantastically inspiring!

It's so inspiring that I'm determined to dedicate more time each day to writing.  So often in the past I let daily responsibilities get in the way, pretty soon the moon is high in the sky and I haven't written a word.  My main goals are to finish the third draft of my novel so I can finally have some beta readers look at it and to write a short story or two.  I know I can do it if I just make more time to write.

I'm also excited about my oldest daughter, Jess, who will be graduating from high school this year and hopefully finishing and publishing her second book, The Inferiors, the sequel to From the Ashes.

That's already a lot of good things and I'm sure there will be many more.  What are you excited about this year?

Kathy :)


  1. Glad the IWSG book fired you up! There's so much great information - I was just overwhelmed by the contributions.
    That's awesome Jess will have another book soon. Tell her she's been missed.

  2. Dedicating time each day to writing is a great goal. I try to do the same thing, even if it's just a paragraph because that's one paragraph closer to "the end."

    I can't believe your daughter has published a book in high school and will be publishing a second soon. That's what I wanted to do when I was in high school! ;) Congratulations to her!

    IWSG Co-host

  3. Awesome! I'm right with you. The positive energy on the blogosphere is amazing. It's been a joy reading it all today and instead of getting done with hitting a ton of posts and feeling drained, I'm feeling inspired and excited.

    Wow. Congrats to your daughter!

    And about this year... I've had quite enough excitement in the last 7 months. I'm just hoping for a healthy delivery and the discipline to let myself relax and enjoy the changes. Happy 2015!

  4. Your daughter is graduating and finishing her second book. Now that's impressive.

    We all need to keep the wave of positive going into the new year.

  5. Alex-I'm so impressed with all the IWSG members that contributed! Jess is bummed that she hasn't had the time to put into blogging. She can't wait til graduation!

    Chris- Thanks! I know, I wanted to be published as a teen as well!

    Crystal- Good luck on your delivery! Hope everything goes well.

    LD- Thanks! I agree, we have to keep the positivity flowing!

  6. Sorry if this posts twice, blogger ate my comment.

    I think those are really great goals. writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Each step counts. "One step at a time, I shall walk around the world."