Friday, October 3, 2014

IWSG recap, White Lady Released, and From the Ashes News

Wow, there were so many great posts for the IWSG this week!  I can't wait to read the e-book anthology.

I'm mostly looking forward to reading the tips on marketing.  That's where I struggle the most and my book isn't even finished!  But I'm trying to help my daughter Jess, market her book, From the Ashes, a YA Sci-Fi novel.  She's finishing the editing of book two The Inferiors, and it would be nice to have a big audience ready and waiting for it.

She of course, has little time to devote to marketing herself as she is busy with her Senior year and all the fun and anxieties that come with high school.  So we don't want to waste time on marketing that is  showy but ineffective, because let's face it, the reason we do marketing is to sell books.  So I'm hoping that in the upcoming IWSG e-book, there will be not only tips, but a guide for which strategies have been most effective for the bottom line.  I know half the battle is just getting the word out and that is what we've been focusing on.

Lately we've had a little more success getting in that area.  Jess was emailed by a fan asking when book two would be out and she just got called yesterday to be a speaker at my son's school for an author day, so that's pretty exciting, (well she's terrified, but I'm excited for her!)

This week we decided to try an e-book Amazon Countdown Deal to see if that helps get a few more copies sold.  And even though she's humble and shy about asking for people to help her spread the word, I'm her mom and will stop at nothing to promote my kids! I'll let you know how effective it is for us.  I'm trying to keep track of all the strategies we use and what effect they have.

 So I'm asking for your help today, if you have the time, spread the word on FB or Twitter to see if we can move her up the Amazon ranking!

From the Ashes, a high-octane sci-fi adventure of love, deceit, and revenge by Jessica McKendry, is on sale today through Monday for $.99!
To tweet:

Thanks so much in advance to everyone!!
And don't hesitate to ask me to help promote your latest work!  I would love to help out!

Today I'm helping out another Jessica too:

Jessica Bell released a new book, White Lady, this week.  I'll be posting more about it on Oct 14th but  I wanted to mention it today as it just came out!  If you like psychological thrillers this is one you will never forget!

Kathy :)


  1. Hi Kathy! You won an Amazon gift card from my giveaway. Congratulations! Please send me your mailing address so I can get it out to you. My email address is

  2. Hi Kathy, good luck to Jessica on the promotion of her book. I'm from the UK and clicked the link and then clicked Amazon UK. I had to go to Page 9 of the listings of books called From the Ashes or have Ashes in the title. If I hadn't known you I would have stopped clicking on Page 2. It might be something worth looking at - I don't know how you can get higher up the list.

  3. Sherry- Wow that's awesome!! Thanks!

    Sally-Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure how to fix this, but I'll look into it. If anyone else knows I'd love the info!

  4. After seeing all of the submissions for the book, I promise there will be some great tips!

  5. Your daughter is doing great! I can imagine how proud you must be of her :)