Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knights of MicroFiction Announcement!

After talking about it, Jess and I decided to start up the Knights of MicroFiction again.  But there are a few changes.  
This time it will be easier to participate without feeling obligated to post every month.  So here are the new details!  

On the 13th of every month we will post the prompts.  
Post your entry by the end of the 15th.
Leave the link to your entry in our comments.
By the 17th Jess and I will choose two winners to be featured on our blogs.
Visit other entries, and enjoy the fun!!
There is no linky list this time, so feel free to join when you can!   

So join us JUNE 15th for all the fun!
Thanks go out to McKenzie for posting a KOMF post on Monday even though we had put it on hold.  So please go check out her post and say hi.

Kathy :)

(If you have our old button, that says "the last Monday.." please delete that one.  We'll be getting a new one soon.  Thanks!)


  1. Have fun with your micro-fiction - look forward to reading some :)

  2. Change is good and sometimes you have to bring something back as well as introduce something new. Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys! I hope we get a good turn out! :)