Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working Together

Getting ready to roll the dough
It's always a treat when I can get my kids to work on a project together.  Watching them build happy sibling memories brightens my whole day.

Yesterday, Alyssa and Ryan had the urge to make cookies.  I had some gingerbread cookie dough we hadn't used for Thanksgiving, so they got out the cookie cutters and went to work.  They took turns rolling out the dough.  Alyssa taught Ryan how to sprinkle the flour on the dough to prevent sticking.  She showed him how to place the cookie cutter at the edge.  He helped gather all the scraps and make a new ball.  Even Jess took a break from editing and joined the fun.  Of course she had to get fancy and cut a dragon out by hand.

Cutting out cookies is so much fun!
Ryan placed the cookies on the cookie sheet and we put them in the oven.  He sat in front of the oven waiting anxiously for them to puff up into their chewy deliciousness.  The original plan was to decorate them after they had cooled, but the warm gingery scent was too hard to ignore.  The kids decided it was better to eat them right away.  We all enjoyed a cookie, well maybe two, and then everyone went back to doing their own thing.

I was left with a mess of flour but that half hour of blissful sibling cooperation was well worth it! 

Ready to eat:  Gingerbread dragon and penguin

Have a great day!  What are your favorite holiday cookies?



  1. A dragon and a penguin, very clever! My favorite are frosted sugar cookies. Yummm.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the dragon and the penguin! It is so wonderful that you're capturing the wonderful memories being created.