Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was so excited to get this blog up and running. I'm not known for my computer skills so it was a big deal for me to see my web page at the click of a button! I couldn't wait to show my husband what I had done. I was hearing in my head all the great things he was going to tell me when he first saw it.  So when he got home from work last night and he saw me working, he asked me about it.
"Can you email me the link?"  He asked. 
"Sure", I said readying myself for glowing praise.  He was standing right next to me as I opened up my email, so I told him to turn around.   I envisioned him clicking on the link, my web page magically appearing, and him being awed by my work. 
"Why do I have to turn around? Don't you have it up right there?" 
"It's a surprise.  Ok, here click on it."  I said.
He clicked and voila it appeared.  I could hardly wait.  He studied the screen. Then there was silence, a long silence.             
"What's the surprise?"  He asked. 
UGGGHHHHH!  What?  Look right in front of you!  My content appears out of nowhere.  It's amazing, isn't it?  I thought.
"Is it a Happy Birthday message?  I don't see it." He asked still looking.
Birthday message?  Oh I wasn't even thinking about that.  "Uh no, it's just ideas."  I felt like a balloon that had just been popped.
"Oh….. yeah, that's cool.  But I saw you workin' on it yesterday.  I had to turn around for that?"  He asked.
"I thought you would be amazed that you could click on my link and see my web page."  I said.
"Wait, you thought it would be cool for me to click on something and see it appear on the internet.  Don't we do that all day long?" He said with a slight chuckle and a hug.
 Well the hug helped and I laughed too, but mostly I felt stupid.  I guess I need to keep reading all those internet guides.     

Have a great weekend!

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