Thursday, May 6, 2010

Educate Yourself and Others

Start learning something today. Find a book on a topic that you have always wondered about. Check the library, bookstore or online for information that will stretch your mind. It doesn't matter what topic, just be passionate about educating yourself.
In the U.S. our educational system is failing. We are part of the problem. Adults don't always show interest in continuing to educate themselves. When was the last time the TV was turned off?  We need to be excited to learn new things if we expect that from our children.
My life is so hectic, how could I possibly add something else to my list? That was my question. With three kids involved in activities after school, my working, and running our household where could I possibly get more time? Well I started squeezing in reading while I sat through ballet lessons. Then I started checking out books on cd and listening to them in the car. I sometimes even listen to historical biographies with the kids in the car. They complained at first but now they actually enjoy some of them (plus it keeps them from squabbling in the car). Now I am so hooked that I actually listen to books while I am doing all sorts of household chores, like dishes, laundry and cooking meals. It is amazing how fast a book goes when your listening and how much you can learn while your getting your everyday responsibilities taken care of.

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  1. I really agree with you! I think that another reason that this country is (I guess you can say this) falling apart, is because first thing, no one wants to believe it is, second, the people that know are too afraid to tell the public that it is, and last no one is willing to take control of the situation. Except, hopefully that is just about to change.