YA Fantasy: Untitled:

Nakyte, Princess of Sunaya discovers an ancient legend which leads her to discover the truth about the past and might possibly help save the future of their world.

Status: Revising
Length: 89,000 

YA Historical Fiction: Untitled (Currently Called: The Seed of Wisdom)

Setting: Medieval Japan

Status: Brainstorming & Researching

Adult Historical Fiction:  Heading West

Elizabeth marries a wealthy young man from her Connecticut town and hopes for a happy quiet life in New England.  Her hopes are soon dashed when her husband, Robert, rashly decides to move them out West to Oregon and she must leave her friends and family behind.  Events along the way lead her to uncover a sinister plot in which Robert is entangled.  Was he involved even before their wedding day?  Had he married her as part of his cover?  She must find the answer before everything falls apart.  Her future and possibly even the country's depends upon it.

Status:  Drafting
Progress:  33,000
Length: 100,000